Jewelry and other accessories inspired by Victorian aesthetics, science fiction and a bit of fantasy. All of our pieces are carefully handmade from brand new, recycled and found materials.

You can find our pieces in various shops around Portland, Oregon and online at


Cargo - 380 NW 13th Ave Portland, Oregon 97209
Selections from the Summer/Fall Line - earrings, rings and necklaces.

Flora - 917 SW Washington, Portland Oregon 97205
Selections of from the Summer/Fall line - stud earrings, rings and necklaces.

Frock - 1439 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211 (North Portland)
Botanical necklaces.

Etcetera - 7373 N. Burlington Ave., Portland, OR 97203 (St. John's)
Selections from the Summer/Fall Line - earrings and necklaces.

Just a selection of items you can find at our store online.


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