Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello June...

I'm back. It's been a nice little break, but I'm missed my blog and all you wonderful crafters and craft supporters out there.

So what have I been doing? Well during my little hiatus, I have enjoyed a variety of books about soldering, Chinese knot work and Victorian costumes. I've watched movies like Topsy-Turvy and Gosford Park for inspiration on Victorian/Edwardian fashion. I began a 365 photography project and started an inspiration journal. I've visited the coast, went on a mini "safari" and gave my mind the chance to relax, ponder and dream.

After all this, I can finally say that I've made it past the conceptual stage and believe I'm ready to produce my new line for inkstrand. At least I hope I'm ready, because certain events have given me a very set deadline. I have the pleasure of participating in two craft fairs this summer (and hopefully a few more before it's over). The first is June 25th and the second is July 17th. I'll do an official announcement when things are more finalized.

I'm sure you've figured out already that one of those deadlines is less than 10 days away. Originally, I planned to start my craft fair season in July, but the opportunity in June was so perfect that I signed up for it as well. I'm looking at the event as a test run and a way to get myself prepared early for the show in July.

Ten days isn't really a lot of time to prepare, but I'm up for the challenge. On the bright side, my designs are mostly finalized and nearly all of my supplies have been ordered. In fact, many of them have already arrived or are on their way. Still, it's definitely going to be an interesting 10 days.

Happy Crafting!

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