Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's in a name?

I agonized long and hard before I named my shop all those many months ago. Picking a company name is hard enough and it didn't help that most of the easily thought of names are already taken on Etsy.

Anything with the word craft, gift, creation, thought, design had at least ten or more variations. Even my own name was taken! So I settled on a name that had the least similar variations on Etsy: inkstrand.

I figure that most of my work will in some way or other incorporate ink. Either dyes, paint, screen printing (in the case of fabric), drawings and inkjet printing. There may be a few crafts that will obviously lack ink, but you can't be perfect.

Another thing I plan to incorporate is textiles. This will probably happen more with the fabric and resin objects than the paper crafts, but there is still a hint somewhere.

So what do I plan to sell at the shop?

A lot of things, but here's a rough list--
1. Resin jewelry and accessories (pendants, rings, hair clips, etc)
2. Handmade journals
4. Gift tags
5. Greeting and notecards
6. Small purses
7. Canvas tote bags/grocery bags
8. Keyring holders
9. Organizers and wallets

I plan to create a few Steampunk or Harry Potter variations of the items above, as I am quite fond of both of those communities.

I have most of my supplies together and now just need to start working on a few prototypes. Got a lot of work ahead of me, but it should be fun.

Next post: my first batch of resin jewelry

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