Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project Runway NYE Dress Challenge: Sketches and Inspiration

So last night I did some quick sketches. I wasn't able to post them earlier because I was busy pattern making (had to get that bodice done).

Here they are (please forgive their sketchiness):

At first I wasn't sure what neckline I wanted, but decided on a sweetheart neckline. As for the skirt, that's another matter altogether. It's between the traditional 50s style gathered skirt, a gathered balloon bottom skirt and a pick up skirt. Since I'm draping the skirt, I'll figure that out later tonight.

And a few of the images that inspired me (and yeah some of those photos are hella cheesy, but ignore their faces and look at the dresses):
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Personally I'm leaning towards the pin-tucked, pick up skirt. It's just so pretty and very Victorian inspired (especially the gray one pictured above), which I'd love to see in my outfit (cuz I'm such a closet Steampunk). And now that I've found a great tutorial on how to do it, I'll probably try that method first.


Status: Bodice lining done. Need to bone the bodice, cut and assemble the outside and then prepare to start the skirt. I'll post about that later.

Back to work!

Next: Progress Progress Progress!

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