Monday, July 26, 2010

New! Pocket Shop from CraftCult

The wonderful folks at Craft Cult, who host great tools like "heart-o-matic" and "the vault", have outdone themselves with their newest creation Pocket Shop, a customizable widget you can place on your blog or website.

The skin options. I'm partial to the "faux bois".

The Pocket Shops have seven skin options (see above) and two animation options (fade and slide, for those who are curious). Also, you have a choice on how to display your shop items - by time listed, featured listings only and even separate shop sections.

Best of all it's fast. So in only a few minutes, I had this:

And it looks pretty nice.

Right now it's only for Etsy (in fact you have to enter your shop name/username to set it up. But if you don't have an Etsy shop, I wouldn't feel too left out. There are a lot of "Coming Soon" tags on the Pocket Shop page, which means they should be supporting other selling venues soon.

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  1. Neat! Thanks for sharing - I'm off to investigate adding one to my own blog. :D



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