Saturday, July 31, 2010

#Undiscovered Wednesday - 7/28

Yet another week has passed, which means another batch of Etsy shops and their fabulous unsold finds. That's right, it's #Undiscovered Wednesday! I've been looking forward to these more and more lately. I don't know if it's the economy or summer but so many new sellers are popping up that I can barely keep up. So I can assure you that this week will certainly not disappoint.

Without further adieu, this week's picks:

Amie Bleu
Dreamy, vintage inspired and colorful - three things that immediately draw me to a photo and that's what you'll find at this brand new shop. The artist behind it all is Amy, a photographer, artist and product designer who is "obsessed with the beauty in ordinary everyday lovely little things". Her photos are bits of inspiration that she has captured in their fleeting moments before crafting the final piece with love. And this week she's having a Grand Opening sale: FREE 5x5 Print of your choice with every print order! Buy 2 prints, get 2 5x5 prints for FREE!

Find yourself a dreamy, vintage photo at Amie Bleu on Etsy.

Modern Needleworks too
To those who do not know, needlework is the craft behind anything embroidered, from monograms to pillows and yes, even paintings. This new shop is here to supply those needlepoint enthusiasts with everything they need from thread to canvas. While they're still adding new inventory every day, they already offer a wide array of colors of threads by Silk and Ivory. And if you're not sure what you want, they have sample cards too.

moderntoo2 moderntoo
Know a needlepoint crafter who needs supplies, then point them to Modern Needleworks too. *Update: since #undiscovered Wed, they've had 2 sales. Here's to many more!

Carved Clay
Every household needs a beautiful piece of pottery - whether it's just to look pretty or help you serve tea. The nature inspired pieces at Carved Clay, manage to do both. Each piece is handcrafted by Natalie Brown, a clay and sculpture teacher based in Wichita, Kansas. According to her students, this woman lives and breathes pottery and is often seen obsessing over each of her wonderful pieces. Throughout the entire process she makes sure she is creating her best, whether it's in her carefully designed patterns based on the elements of nature or ensuring that her ceramics will stand up to everyday use. So you can be sure that after you fall for it's looks, you'll still be in love when you use it.

carvedclay1 carvedclay2
You can find more elegant ceramic pieces for your home at Carved Clay.

bluetrike studios
Some folks like bugs, some folks hate them and then some folks love them so much that they want them painted them on framed slices of wood. This new shop is for the latter group. Mara, the artist behind bluetrike (named for her childhood bike) is based in Ontario, Canada and has had quite the history with creative careers from fashion design/illustration to product design. Somehow she found her way to painting and created her unique line, beginning with original pieces called "The Walls are Crawling" and "Flight Pattern". What is really appealing about these pieces is the 3D nature in which the painted insects are portrayed - they almost look as though they could crawl, fly or jump off the canvas. And of course the signature sliced wood and stretched fabric backgrounds only help with the illusion.
Incredibly talented (she used to be a fashion designer remember), Mara plans to expand to sewn items and prints and I cannot wait to see more.

To see more of her beautiful insect inspired 3D paintings visit bluetrike studios on Etsy. *Update: since this #undiscovered Wed, they've had 3 sales! Hooray!

Kellie Landells
When you think of zippers, the last thing you'd think of next is jewelry. But this talented artist, Kellie Landells, proves otherwise by weaving gorgeous necklaces that you couldn't imagine tracing back to the lowly closure, often taken for granted. Based in Melbourne, this New Zealand seller, explored a variety of crafts before finally exploring jewelry. If you're wondering why she chose to work with zippers, here's the answer in her own words - "I have been amazed at what striking pieces can be created from such a simple item."
I have to agree with her and if you take a look at her pieces, I think you will too.

kellielandell1 kellielandell2
If you like unique jewelry, you'll make sure your collection includes something by Kellie Landells.

That's all for this week!

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  1. I am honored Lola!!!
    Thank you so much for the feature!!
    I ADORE your etsy shop and blog!!
    Look forward to being one of your newest fans!!
    xoxo~ Amy

  2. Ohh!! that ferris wheel print is STUNNING!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your feature! I love the work you selected and it is truly an honor!



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