Saturday, October 23, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Dicarlos

As You Like It by Dicarlos offers a nice selection of handmade jewelry, cards and artwork. Every item is made with love by Stephanie, an artist and English teacher based in greater Boston. From back to school items to jewelry, you can find something for everyone - and best of all she takes custom orders!

Here is some of her work -

Red and Silver Globe Earrings - $12

dc3 dc4
Dangle Necklace - $35

dicarlos2 dicarlos3
Birds of a Feather Binder - $6

And recently, Stephanie opened a new shop, called Unexpected Knock, as a side project. It features art and cards inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson, perfect for the book lover in your life.

Here's one of my favorites-

Dusty Heart Drawing - $20

Want to see more? Visit As You Like It and Unexpected Knock on Etsy.
Or visit her blog for updates and how-to guides and reviews!

Happy Crafting!


These weekly features are for the BESTeam Etsy team, a group which provides exposure for its team member through blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Each week I'll be featuring a new member and their shop. To learn more about the team or to join, visit our blog or member site.


  1. Nice feature!! Love the feathers on the notebooks!!

  2. Thanks so much for the great promotion! Here is my feature on your shop:



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