Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#Undiscovered Wednesday - 7/21

It's that time again! #Undiscovered Wednesday, where I check Pounce for the best of the brand new crop. There's nothing like a first sale and I hope that the folks featured get theirs soon.

This week I was very impressed by these newcomers. In fact, it made it really hard to pick just 5 favorites, but here they are:

Sharvin Glass
Ever since I saw my first glass paperweight, I've been enthralled by blown glass art. The vases and pitchers created by John Sharvin are equally eye catching. This talented Ohio State student, who has only been glass blowing for a year and a half, truly has an appreciation for the art form and the organic inspired shapes he creates.
undiscovered,undiscovered Photobucket
To see more of his gorgeous work, visit Sharvin Glass on Etsy.

Lolo's Art
Traditional paintings are great, but honestly I'm a comic book girl at heart. So I'm a fan of the graphic, fantastical pieces that I've seen here. Each piece is painted by Lolo, a stay at home dad in New York (aww!). In fact if you're in that area, you can find him on Sundays at Union Square Park in New York City selling his paintings. He also takes commissions...hrm...I may be asking for a collaboration soon, my friend.
undiscovered,undiscovered undiscovered,undiscovered
If you're a comic book/fantasy fan like me, you'll definitely want to take a closer look at his work here:Lolo's Art.

Nautilus Yarn
I love knitting and weaving but haven't had the time to do it much anymore, so I've resorted to fondling and ogling beautiful balls of yarn in stores. Simply put, I know beautiful yarn when I see it and you need look no further than Nautilus Yarn.
Lovingly hand-dyed by Stephanie, an architecture and art student in Boston, each skein in her collection is inspired by the sea life in New England. Best of all, she offers complimentary yarn winding (you'd understand if you were a knitter).
Are you a knitter or know a knitter who loves uniquely colored yarn? Make sure you visit Nautilus Yarn.

Dmitre Melnikov
I was captivated by the lightning(at least I think it's lightning) and firework photography that sets this shop apart from the others. Already drawn in, I also enjoyed the soft, nostalgic and beach life inspirations behind Dmitre Melnikov's fine art photography. Photography is his main love in life and it shows.
To see more of his photography visit Dmitre Melnikov on Etsy.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love retro inspired clothing. I never feel more awesome than when I look like I could have stepped out of the 50s. So I love the color and garden party chic that makes Coralilie so fabulous. Designed and handmade by Coralie Meslin and Lily Thayer Derrick in Baltimore, these dresses are made from new, vintage and up-cycled fabrics. The best part is that the dresses are wraps, so they fit a multitude of sizes and the straps are customizable. And that's only the Summer collection, so I can't wait to see the Fall line.
undiscovered,undiscovered undiscovered,undiscovered
Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with one of the beautiful dresses at Coralilie.

Well that's all for this week.

Follow me on twitter for next week's #undiscovered Wednesday picks. And if you're an Etsy shop that's interested in being featured, please drop me a line.

Until next time.

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